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Known to many as “Shania Fillmore” of YTV’s THE NEXT STAR SEASON 4 and THE NEXT STAR: SUPERGROUP, this small-town girl from New Brunswick, Canada, has taken a turn from singing to pursuing her writing dreams.
Music, visual arts, reading, and writing are what she lives and breathes. The art world is her truest passion.
Settled back in her hometown, Shania Scichilone has spent her time as Musical Director for Fusion 

Productions during show season, and the rest of her time has been filled with writing and learning digital arts.

Her debut series, FATES DIVINE, begins her new career as an author.

All About Writing

When it comes to writing, I am happy to say that I can pinpoint the exact moment I realized I had this passion for creating new worlds on paper. It brings back great childhood memories for me, and I’m happy to share this with you!


Picture this: I’m thirteen years old, Twilight is all the rage (I was team Jacob, now team Edward), and my friend and I needed to write our fantasy novel – based on sparkly vampires, of course. We stayed up for three days during a sleepover (awake over?) and wrote the most ridiculous story on Earth. With the sleep deprivation and childlike thrill of all things make-belief, the “book” made no sense. BUT I LOVED IT. 


After that, reading became my favorite pastime, and in my later years, English became one of my favorite school subjects, as it allowed me to jump at any chance of narrative writing. I have to give a small apology and big thank you to the teachers who allowed me to go over the required word count and submerge myself further into the stories I wrote. They were all very encouraging, which significantly influenced my drive to write.


Now we fast forward to summer 2019. I’ve moved away from my hometown with my now-husband, and I picked up a short story I had worked on for my finals in twelfth grade. With a few twists to the old words of a first chapter, a fantasy adventure was born! 


I am beyond thrilled to have A Fate of Smoke and Ash in the world. Thank you to all who’ve taken any measure of time looking through my website and taking a chance on my book. It means everything to me. 

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